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JSB Students’ Houses

The house activities conducted at JSB provide an opportunity for future business managers to explore, learn, and conquer the realms of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations Management. The house activities act as a platform for the students to enhance their business understanding, inculcate the habit of learning by doing, and foster team spirit. It acts as a melting pot of ideas, creative thinking, strategy formulation, and collaboration resulting in the acquisition of knowledge beyond classrooms.

JSB Students’ Clubs

Jansons School of Business boasts a vibrant campus life with various clubs that cater to the diverse interests of its students. Each club provides a platform for students to engage in extracurricular activities, fostering a holistic learning environment.
  • CSR Club
  • Confluence Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Victory Vortex – Sports Club
  • Datura – Cultural Club
  • Film Fanatics – Movie Club
  • Quizzards – Quiz Club
  • Book Wonks – Book Review Club
  • Women Empowerment Cell


The Finance Club

ALFA, a student-driven initiative that aims to improve the understanding of the finance world by creating an interface between the student community and the financial world. It also helps to develop practical knowledge and apply it in the markets. The Finance Club strives to facilitate the further understanding of global finance and business issues to foster the development of future business leaders. The club signifies superiority of knowledge by preparing the members to take wise financial decisions. Some of the events of this club are investment Quiz, New Financial Product Development and its virtual promotion.


The HR Club

HARMONY aims to create awareness and to equip oneself about the latest HR practices and their influence on business among members of the club. Harmony Club helps in molding the students to become managers in the corporate world. “Harmony” indicates unity, team work and togetherness. Its objective is to provide a platform for the students to bring our their skills in the field of Human Resource. The HR club organizes a portfolio of events and Simulation Games based on the emerging paradigms of Human Resources Management.


The Debaters’ Forum

The Debaters’ Forum, christened Eloquentia, is a platform for students to try out various forms of interactive and representational argumentation. There was a need to develop the speaking abilities of the students, and this forum provides ample opportunities to students to be effective and assertive speakers, by focussing on logical consistency, factual accuracy and emotional appeal.


The Marketing Club

MARC captures the wild imaginations of the think tanks among the crowd. The forum provides space for experimentation of cranky marketers’ ideas. The aim of MARC is to provide a platform for students to gain an exposure in marketing practices and prepare them to face the challenges in the real life marketing field by bridging the gap between the students’ preparedness and the industry reality. To introduce the students to the expectations from the marketing fraternity of the industry, the club conducts competitions like Store Design, Brand Yourself and welcomes research topics to quench the students thirst for knowledge.


The Theater Club

The Hammy Troupe was formed with a view to establish a stage for amateur drama performances.
The idea was to seek and secure an understanding of the variety of verbal and non?verbal expressions, which would engender in students the need to have more interesting social interactions with their peers.Students understand and appreciate the nuances of emotions when enacting a play.


Entrepreneurs Club

E-Node is a club started for the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow. It is one place where the students get to discover their entrepreneurial skills. It helps students to rediscover their ability to dream and go one step further and make those dreams into reality. The club encourages the students to dare to be different, dare to take risk and most important of all, dare to fail, because each failure teaches an important lesson. E-Node acts as a common platform that connects students, helps to bridge various gaps and branch out to conquer the world.


The Quiz Club

GNOSIS is conducted once a month, and the club tries to bring out the best quizzers of JSB and has been successful in doing so in its journey. It is also an event where knowledge is complemented with fun. The wholesome participation of the audience and the quick answers from the contestants make the events of Gnosis all the more exciting.
Each event is contrastingly different and special events are conducted on special days or occasions. Wide varieties of topics are covered from business to banking to retail.


The Movie Club

Knowledge through flicks is the objective of TINSELTOWN. This club functions on a weekly basis and screens movies of different genres, most of which are must-watch business-related movies. Sometimes a movie can teach you the biggest lessons of life-both business and personal. They depict the best and worst of human nature and give us an insight on how a human mind works. At the end of the movie, the viewers are asked to think about the management concept they learnt from the movie.