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The ecosystem at Jansons School of Business offers a chance for every employee to be aware of what it means to be a part of an organization with a soul. There is autonomy at work. There is also an implicit expectation from employees to work with discretion, prudence and good judgement. We ensure that working at JSB will enable our employees to give enough attention to their academic / professional pursuits, along with their familial duties. All forms of academic support, like digital and non-digital resources, connectivity and spacious workstations, are provided. The 40-acre campus is serene, well-maintained and most of all, covered with lush greenery.

Candidates who give precedence to Relevance of Teaching, rather than rigour of teaching, are welcome to apply. At JSB, we believe in the dictum of Freedom with Responsibility. Candidates must possess a willingness to adapt to the changing demographics of students, and deliver value to the students in every possible way. JSB will always be supportive of every step that takes the School one block higher.

Interested candidates may forward their CVs along with a covering letter, addressed to the Director :

Every employee is an important part of the institution-building process at JSB. We strive hard to maintain an enviable workplace, whose four foundational stones are the following:

  • Willingness to experiment and learn
  • Willingness to share and contribute
  • Willingness to respect colleagues and provide support
  • Willingness to keep honing the skill-set