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Global Confluence

Ts. Dr. Sharmini Gopinathan, Associate Professor and Head of PG, Taylor’s Business School, Malaysia.
Jansons School of Business has conducted a Global Confluence on 06.02.2024. Ts. Dr. Sharmini Gopinathan, Associate Professor and Head of Postgraduate at the School of Management and Marketing, Taylor’s Business School Society, Taylor’s University, Malaysia has been the resource person and shared her expertise on the title ‘Design Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving’.

The intricacies of problem-solving and creative thinking were expounded upon, utilizing examples such as Tsunami, Covid-19, and a real-world case about ‘BBS APP’. The notion that innovation transcends mere events but is a structured process was emphasized. Activities like tower building were conducted to explain knowledge about design thinking, a user-centric approach fostering innovative solutions. Emphasized on analyzing pinpoint issues and advised to prioritize listening over speaking.

The 12 commandments of critical thinking were elucidated, citing the Tide brand as an illustrative example. The practical steps of design thinking, encompassing empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing were presented.
The overall session was a fun filled knowledge acquisition process.