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CXO Confluence

Today’s (30.11.2023) CXO Confluence at @Jansons School of Business was graced by the presence of Mr. Rajesh Kurup, Chief Human Resource Officer at RASI SEEDS Pvt. Ltd.

The topic ‘From Values to Value Creation’ was expounded upon, with values being explained, and a briefing on what values do and how they occur. The conversion of core values into mindset expressions, the occurrence of purpose, the change in behavior, and the explanation of how actions occur were provided with numerous examples.

The concept of Mindset Hinging, elucidating what moves and what is fixed, was methodically explained. Valuation and the derivation of valuation, encompassing tangible and intangible factors, were thoroughly discussed. Factors crucial for understanding mindset were outlined. The new HR remit was briefed about, emphasizing that “Super important now is how customers and employees are made to feel.”

It was stated that HR is now a horizontal entity, no longer confined to a vertical structure, and digital-native employee experiences do not tolerate functional boundaries. The session concluded with the declaration that honey bees serve as an exemplary model of teamwork. An informative and interactive session was experienced by the attendees.