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Academic Confluence

Dr. Dhamayanthi Arumugam, Senior Lecturer, Asia Pacific University, Malaysia.
Jansons School of Business conducted an Academic confluence on the topic “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Finance: Transforming Investment and Risk Management” on 15.11.2023 and Dr. Dhamayanthi Arumugam, Senior Lecturer at Asia Pacific University, Malaysia was invited as the resource person.

It was emphasized that the industry set to adopt technology in finance, with the assertion that where there is money, there is both opportunity and risk, which come in pairs. Traditional human intelligence was stated to be encapsulated in artificial intelligence, supported by machine learning and social intelligence. Statistics regarding AI and its algorithms were shared, accompanied by a video created with the assistance of artificial intelligence, which was played on the topic Another day, Another story.

The new paradigm shift was explained, and it was emphasized that there is no need to be a developer; one can simply be a player or an implementer. A live demo on AI applications in online and currency trading was given, elucidating types of risk, including supply and demand factors in financial adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The circle of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was presented, detailing types of financial data and the impact of artificial intelligence and the session was concluded with the assertion that investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning is not merely a trend but the future of smarter learning. The session was deemed very informative.