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Wellness Confluence

Dr. Nancy Kurian, Wellness Architect, MD – Wings and Dreamz Pvt. Ltd.
Jansons School of Business organized a rejuvenating Wellness Confluence on 21.09.2023, delving into the intricacies of Mindset Matters, featuring the insightful expertise of Dr. Nancy Kurian. Our students had the incredible opportunity to engage with Dr. Kurian, a distinguished Wellness Expert, as she shared invaluable inputs on the power of mindset and its profound impact on personal and professional growth.

The session was a captivating journey, exploring the avenues of cultivating a positive mindset, fostering resilience, and achieving holistic well-being. A big thanks to Dr. Nancy Kurian for an enlightening discourse that will undoubtedly inspire our students to embrace a mindset that propels them towards success and happiness.