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CXO Confluence

Distinguished panel of CXOs from leading companies
Jansons School of Business hosted a thought-provoking CXO Confluence on 18.03.2024 on the theme “India – A Global Bright Spot.” The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Srikrishna M S, witnessed insightful deliberations from distinguished industry leaders, shedding light on India’s evolving landscape and its positioning on the global stage.

Our heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed panel members:

– Mr. R Varadarajan, Wholetime Director, Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd., Coimbatore.
– Mr. puneet krishnan, Former Cluster Business Head, Vodafone Idea Limited.
– Mr. Vijay Kumar Balakrishnan, Independent Director & Former CMD, Total Oil India P.Limited.
– Mr. Dr. Raveendran N, Vice President – Enterprise-wide Solutions (CIO), Sakthi Finance Limited / ABT INDUSTRIES LIMITED, Coimbatore.

The discussion encompassed multifaceted dimensions of India’s progress, ranging from economic resilience to technological advancement and socio-economic inclusivity.

Key Highlights:

– Economic Progress: Panelists acknowledged India’s substantial economic growth, underscored by its resilience.
– Technological Advancement: emphasized the exponential growth in technology adoption, particularly in IT, communication, and logistics sectors.
– Social Fabric: The panel highlighted India’s diverse social fabric and its ability to foster a conducive environment for growth and innovation.
– Policy Reforms: References were made to pivotal policy reforms such as the 1991 liberalization (LPG) era, indicating India’s adaptability to changing global dynamics.
– Investment Opportunities: The discussion underlined India’s attractiveness as an investment destination, buoyed by political stability, human capital, and initiatives like Make in India.
– Global Recognition: India’s growing global stature was evident, with mentions of its prominent role in international forums like the G20 Summit.

The discourse resonated with optimism about India’s trajectory, driven by a combination of visionary leadership, robust policies, and the resilience of its people.

As India continues its journey towards greater prosperity and global relevance, forums like the CXO Confluence serve as catalysts for informed dialogue and collaborative action.