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CXO Confluence

Mr. C K Kumaravel, CEO & Co-Founder, Naturals Salon & Spa, Chennai
Jansons School of Business hosted CXO Confluence on ‘Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behavior Development’ and it was graced by the resource person of Mr. C K Kumaravel, CEO & Co-founder of Naturals Salon & Spa, Chennai.

Entrepreneurship was portrayed as a mindset rather than merely an MBA degree, emphasizing its role as an opportunity to make a difference rather than just a means to make money. Recommendations were made to engage in continuous learning, with a focus on thinking and growing rich, as well as exploring innovative secrets of success through audio learning.

The transition from the world before smartphones to the world after smartphones was depicted, underscoring the importance of incorporating technology into business models for the upcoming century. A life formula of focus + decisions = success was shared as a transformative force, with encouragement to dream big and draw inspiration from family members. Leadership and women empowerment were discussed at length, including a frog story illustrating how to create opportunities in challenging situations.