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Corporate Confluence

Mr. Puneet Krishnan, Former Business Cluster Head, Vodafone Idea Limited.
Jansons School of Business has organized a ‘Corporate Confluence’ on 16.02.2024 on the topic “Career in the FMCG Sector with a focus on Sales and Distribution”. Mr. Puneet Krishnan, former Business Cluster Head at Vodafone Idea Limited was invited as the resource person for the confluence.

The prospects of sales, marketing, and distribution were explained, along with elucidation on the distinction between sales and marketing, beneficial for newcomers entering the industry. Out of his rich experience, the speaker has elaborated the structure and responsibilities inherent in sales, marketing, and distribution and provided a clear view of the future.

The importance of geographic mobility as a key factor for fostering growth was emphasized, and Mr. Krishnan articulated the remuneration and excitement associated with the roles in sales and marketing. In conclusion, it was stated that the essential starting point towards a successful career path is a career in sales.