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Corporate Confluence

Mr.Jeevan Varghese K V, IT-Pre Sales, Infosys Limited
Jansons School of Business organized a Corporate Confluence on ‘MBA -a Journey not a destination’ on 07.10.2023. Mr. Jeevan Varghese K V, IT Pre-sales Consultant and Bid Manager, Infosys Ltd has been the resource person.

The session highlighted boundless growth, dynamic challenges, and limitless opportunities for MBA students. An MBA job was explained as one involving day-in and day-out decision making, full of case studies, successes, and failures, and an AXIOM of life was mentioned.

Tips for a resilient journey were delivered as Attitude adjustment, Being a PEOPLE PERSON, Practicing empathy, Admitting “I DON’T KNOW”, Asking questions without greed, Learning from mistakes, Avoiding overestimation, Achieving self-realization and Engaging in constant training. The session was concluded with the thought “Believe in yourself.”