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Corporate Confluence

Mr. Bhuvana Sundar Soorappaiah, Global Customer Program Manager (Automotive), Bosch, Coimbatore
Jansons School of Business organized a Corporate Confluence on ‘Project Management Fundamentals for Academia’ on 14.10.2023.

Mr. Bhuvana Sundar Soorappaiah, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PMI-CAPM, Global Customer Program Manager (Automotive), Bosch, Coimbatore and Vice President (Outreach), Project Management Institute Chennai Chapter has been the resource person.

The session highlighted the stages of Project management and the need for adaptability according to the varying factors, similar to how corporations adjust their plans based on the situation. It was mentioned that only 33% of people succeed in project management, completing projects on time and within budget, while the other 67% fail. Also discussed reasons for project failures and highlighted that projects require effective management.

The importance of project management was underlined, stating that without it, endeavors like Chandrayan-3 wouldn’t have been possible, as it involves coordination among the people involved.