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Alumni Confluence

Mr. Varun Kumaravel, (Alumnus – 2015 Batch), Managing Director, SLS Agencies, Coimbatore.
Jansons School of Business has organized the Alumni Confluence on 26.03.2024.

We are happy to host Mr. Varun Kumaravel, a distinguished alumnus of jsb from the 2015 batch as the resource person of the program.

During his address, he focused on the significance of marketing mix, channels of distribution, and market credit risk. He highlighted the importance of selecting the appropriate level of distribution channels based on volume and geographical boundaries, citing examples such as Amway and Dabur/Nestle for direct and indirect channels, respectively.

Furthermore, Mr. Kumaravel emphasized the challenges posed by credit risk in FMCG markets and suggested local players as potential solutions. He discussed the dynamics of manpower in distribution, noting that it operates on a fixed salaried income concept.

In conclusion, Mr. Varun Kumaravel’s insightful discourse provided attendees with invaluable insights into the intricate workings of the FMCG industry, leaving them equipped with a deeper understanding of its nuances and challenges.