Two Day Faculty Development Programme

Dr. C. Suriyaprakash, Professor, Jansons School of Business

Jansons School of Business hosted an impactful two-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on ‘Transactional Analysis for Personal and Professional Excellence’ sponsored by Association of Indian Management Schools - AIMS.
The event drew an impressive turnout of 40 attendees from various southern states across the country. The program delved deep into the principles and practical applications of transactional analysis, an influential psychological framework that examines the dynamics of interpersonal communication and relationships. The program was widely appreciated by the attendees, who expressed gratitude for the valuable insights and tools they gained that will undoubtedly elevate their performance and fulfillment in their respective roles and endeavors.
The resounding success of this FDP underscores JSB's commitment to providing its community with cutting-edge professional development opportunities that equip them with the knowledge and capabilities to achieve new levels of excellence.

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