Jansons School of Business

Reflections on JSB

Name                 :   Rtn N Janakiram Raju

Designation        :   Former Chairman & Managing Director

Company Name :   BASF Bangladesh Ltd

It was an interesting & lively interactive session with the students. An impressive campus, an ambiance to learn more and an appropriate faculty too in encouraging students. Best wishes!

Name                 :   Mr V Balaji

Designation        :   Chief Marketing Officer

Company Name :   Repose Mattress Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore

It was a very interactive session with the students and i really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with them.

Name                 :   Dr P Narayana Reddy

Designation        :   Regional Vice President

Company Name :   Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), Hyderabad

Jansons School of Business is having an excellent academic environment, disciplined students, committed faculty and a vision to achieve.  All the Best!

Name                 :   Dr Bhimaraya Metri

Designation        :   Director

Company Name :   IIM, Nagpur

Jansons School of Business is a great environmental friendly institute with good faculty, intellectual capital & students.

Name                 :   Dr. M. Rangarajan

Designation        :   Chief Executive Officer

Company Name :   Mindgames Quizzing and Consulting, Coimbatore

The Quiz Club orientation session was highly interactive.  The students show the potential and we can see the stars for future quizzing! Let the Club begin!

Name                 :   Dr. T. Senthil Kumar

Designation        :   Associate Professor and Programme Leader (PG)

Company Name :   School of Accounting and Finance, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Very interactive and enthusiastic students.  Wishing the Students, Staff & the Institution the very best!

Name                 :   Mr. Mahesh Bellie

Designation        :   Founder

Company Name :   StoreEQ - Chennai.

A visionary Institution under able leadership, waiting to make its mark.

Name                 :   Mr. Sathyamurthy M

Designation        :   President

Company Name :   Olam Latin America & Cocoa Americas, Olam Food Ingredients, Brazil

Very enthusiastic students.  Keen to learn and raised right & relevant questions.  JSB, with its infrastructure and capability, can aim for sky.  Good Luck!

Name                 :   Mr. Raj Prakash Govindarajan

Designation        :   Chairman

Company Name :   Zifo Technologies Private Limited, Chennai

Excellent co-ordination and very professional approach.  The campus has a great ambiance.  Thanks for the opportunity to interact with the students.

Name                 :   Mr. Lionel Charles

Designation        :   Managing Director

Company Name :   VERVE Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Thank you for the opportunity to interact with the students and share my experience.  It was wonderful to experience the huge, prestigious and beautiful campus.  All the best to the students.

Name                 :   Mrs. T. Radhika

Designation        :   Vice President

Company Name :   Canbank Factors Ltd., Bangalore

I would like to thank JSB for giving me this opportunity to share my experience.  Students were actively participating in the discussions.

Name                 :   Mr. Parvathi Nathan

Designation        :   Vice President & Chief Manager

Company Name :   UTI Mutual Fund, Tirupur.

Thank you for giving an opportunity to talk to students on the Mutual Fund Industry.  There were many interesting questions asked and knowledge of specific participants were astonishing.  Happy to have interacted with learned students.  I wish them all the best in their life and career.

Name                 :   Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea

Designation        :   Founder & CEO

Company Name :   Marcellus Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Superb Campus, bright students & dedicated professors.

Name                 :   Mr. Vasu Karthikeyan

Designation        :   Director

Company Name :   Euphoria Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Beautiful infrastructure.  Well organised.  Thanks for the opportunity to interact with young students.

Name                 :   Mr. Arun Prasad Durairaj

Designation        :   CEO & Co-founder

Company Name :   Flinto Learning Solutions [P] Ltd., Chennai

Great Facilities & Infrastructure.  Inquisitive students.

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