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Theme : Ripples

TEDxJSB, the second edition of the independently organised TED event of JSB was held on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at Padmam Auditorium, Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

JSB’s vision is to be a quintessentially practical Business School, developing managers and entrepreneurs who would be game-changers in management and leadership practices. Our objective is to provide a learning environment conducive to nurturing this vision in all our stakeholders. TEDxJSB was a significant milestone in that direction.

It is indeed a moment of pride for us to host the TEDx event for the second time in a row. The response from the speakers and guests has been fantastic and overwhelming, just like our maiden edition last year. And we are immensely grateful for that.

The Theme

The theme of the event was ‘Ripples’. RIPPLES spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water. The RIPPLES linger even after the pebble settles down on to the floor beneath.

Our lives being an ocean, information and other daily experiences create incessant ripples in our minds and hearts. Actions of individuals can have far reaching effects on themselves, others and the plannet. We may not know how far our ripples would reach. But it is of no doubt that sustained actions create huge waves one day in the ocean of life. The talks in this edition of TEDxJSB created such ripples in the minds and hearts of the audience!

The Programme

TEDxJSB 2019 was a full day event, with three sessions on different sub-themes. The first session was ‘Drops’, where the talks featured how individuals face the challenges of life and inspired others through the ripples these individual drops created. The second session was titled, ‘Waves’. Here we had talks that focused on topics that called for action that lead to social transformation - going beyond ripples and creating waves. The last session was ‘Flow’ which explored topics that transcended known frontiers into unknown territories.

Each session had 3 to 4 talks, of which one of the talk was a pre-recorded TED talk.

The talks were interspersed with music medley, dance and mime skits presented by the students of JSB. These gave a refreshing thought break to the audience in between the talks. It also gave them time to mull over and digest the ideas presented in the talks.

The event was witnessed live by an invited audience of guests from various walks of life, and was live streamed on YouTube Live and Facebook Live and was watched by many from outside the campus.

The Speakers and the Talks

TEDxJSB had speakers from different walks of life sharing some of the significant ways in which they created ripples around them. They shared ideas that transformed their lives, and potentially that of others around them. They were not superheroes flying around with a cape. But were ordinary individuals accomplishing extraordinary feats in their own ways.

In the true TED spirit of ‘ideas worth spreading’, the diversity of ideas speakers brought to the stage was impressive – from storytellers to a stand up comedian, a leadership coach to a runner!

The list of speakers and the title of their talks are attached as a pdf below. There were 8 live speakers and 3 pre-recorded TED talks.

TEDxJSB was a unique learning experience. It was possible due to the collective team work of all pillars of JSB – leadership, faculty, staff and students. Having successfully organized the event during the last two consecutive years, we look forward to our next edition.

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