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Induction for the 2021 Batch Students : 4 - 6 Sep 2019

Thalir 2K19, the Induction Programme for the budding students of the 2021 Batch, was conducted at Padmam Auditorium from 4th to 6th September 2019. “Thalir” refers to the shoot of a plant which rises from the ground after the seed germinates. This event, organized by the students of the 2020 Batch, helped the new entrants feel comfortable in the new environment. Thalir 2K19 was successful in making known the culture of JSB, and also helped the new students to build close bonds with their fellow seniors.

The students of the 2021 Batch were welcomed with eco-friendly pens and note pads. Thalir was formally inaugurated in the presence of the Professors of JSB on 4th September 2019. This was then followed by a graceful welcome dance. The Alumni of JSB shared their experiences, which boosted the confidence and infused positive vibes among the freshers.

The tone of decoration at the Auditorium set the mood for celebrations. A couple of ice breaking sessions were introduced which made the place very vibrant. The college tour helped the new students to explore the state of the art infrastructure of JSB. Thalir had a theme which revolved around environmental sustainability. The major events during the three days were Daitva - CSR activity, Knowledge updating events like Quiz and Bibliotheca, and Mudra - a virtual money game which sparkled huge enthusiasm among the juniors. The Product Launch, Role Play and the outdoor activities that followed, helped in elevating their moods.

To mark the importance of the theme 'Thalir', the students of the 2021 Batch, together as a team, planted a sapling on the third day. It was then followed by Treasure Hunt where the juniors had an opportunity to interact with all the seniors. Thalir 2K19 ended with colourful cultural performances staged by the hosts.

Thalir 2K19 was successful in cementing the relationship among the JSBians.

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