Jansons School of Business
6th Graduation Day

The D-Day

Chief Guest :
             Shri. Murugavel Janakiraman,
             Founder - CEO,
             BharatMatrimony Group,

Date : 02-01-2015

Time : 11.00 AM

Venue : Padmam Auditorium

Jansons School of Business celebrated the 6th Graduation Day on January 2, 2015 at Padmam Auditorium. Shri Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder-CEO of BharatMatrimony Group, Chennai, was the Chief Guest. The Ceremony was presided over by the Chairman of Jansons School of Business, Rtn. MPHF T.S. Natarajan, and Shri M Ponnuswami, Chairman and Managing Director, Pure Chemicals Co & Pon Pure Chem (P) Limited, Chennai, was the Guest of Honour. The Vice-Chairmen, the CEO, and the Dean graced the event.

In addressing the graduates of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 batches, Shri Janakiraman gave a very crisp summary of his business and the fine intricacies in running this business, despite heavy competition. He started the BharatMatrimony website in 2000, and in these 15 years, he has seen his company move away from traditional match-making for marriages to creating very specific and unique value–added services for marriages in India.

Graduation, to Shri Janakiraman, was a very emotional moment. However, he also said that graduation is not the end of learning. There must be a continuous quest for learning and improvement. This has to be always complemented with hard work. Only those people succeed, who go the extra mile.

Shri Janakiraman made a very personal reference to the power of unintended consequences. He wanted to do an under-graduate programme in Chemistry, but got admitted to a Statistics programme. It was during that time he realized his abilities in logic and quantitative techniques, and hence joined an MCA programme. It was the MCA experience that paved the way for him to become adept in programming, which became a harbinger for his company’s success in the Indian online business industry. In the same way, when he got laid-off in the US, he came back to India with the option of starting a business. If he was not laid-off, he might still have continued in the job! So, every incident has a silver lining, provided we give our best efforts.

Another interesting point made by the Chief Guest was on why all graduates should choose a career and not a job. A job is for the salary and it creates resistance. A career, on the other hand, is about opportunities to learn, contribute and grow into a well-rounded person. Only those who choose a career, enjoy their work!

For those graduates who are interested in starting their businesses, he said there was no better time to begin it in India. Our country is teeming with ideas, and there are many organizations that support budding entrepreneurs.

In the end, he said that he considered it a duty to drive home the point that all the graduates must be of some use to the society. Leave a positive mark, before departing from this world.

He wished the young graduates the best in their lives, and wanted to see them shine in the coming years!

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