Jansons School of Business
Leadership Development Programme

Outbound Training for 2021 Batch

The students of 2021 batch had a day filled with stimulating exercises, adventurous activities, reflective debrief sessions and fun-filled games at Breakthrough-India, Anaikatty, Coimbatore, on Wednesday, November 13th 2019 as part of an Outbound Training on 'Leadership Development'. The program was focused on the following objectives:

  • Challenge students to set goals and work towards it
  • Seize opportunities to excel
  • Work together by supporting each other proactively
  • Overcome fears and being bold to innovate
  • Learning the significance of managing professional and personal life

A group of 83 students and 4 members of the faculty reached the campus at 9:40 in the morning and the non-stop excitement continued well over 5:30 in the evening. The students walked through a rope course and zipped through a zipline at 30 feet height. They played scores of indoor games which involved lot of running around and need to coordinate, collaborate and strategise as a team. After every game/activity the facilitators debriefed their experiences with insightful inquiry and reflection questions. Students were able to connect the experience with lessons for life on effective leadership. And need not mention, they had loads of fun every moment.


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