Jansons School of Business

Dr.G.Narasimha Raghavan
Associate Professor

Qualifications: MA (Economics), PGDHRM, Ph.D (Economics)

Phone: 0091-421-2336161 to 65

Email: g.nr@jsb.ac.in


Has a B.A. in Economics from PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore and pursued M.A. in Economics from Loyola College, Chennai.  His doctoral thesis was in the area of Intellectual Property Rights and Traditional Knowledge.  His research interests lie in the broad areas of Intellectual Property Rights and Environmental Economics.  He has a few articles published in edited volumes, and his book reviews have been published in national and international journals.  He was also a Project Fellow in a research project during 2005-2007.

Research & Scholarship Interests
Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights, Access and Benefits sharing mechanisms

Books/Monographs/Reference Works

Chapters in Books
"Is Inclusive Growth Exclusive of the Environment?", in P Jegadish Gandhi (ed), Inclusive Growth in Globalised India, Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi, 2008.

"Protecting Intellectual Property: The Guanxi Way", in P Jegadish Gandhi (ed), India and China in the Asian Century, Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi, 2007.

"Introduction" to the book, India and China in the Asian Century, edited by P Jegadish Gandhi,Deep & Deep Publications,New Delhi, 2007.

"Market Structure, Valuation and Cost of Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: Arguments for Future Research" (Co-author), in Raja Mohan Rao (ed), Role of Universities in Promotion of Intellectual Property, Serials Publications, New Delhi, 2006.

"Private Participation in Public Delivery System: A Case Study of Metro Water Supply", in P Jegadish Gandhi and M J Joseph (eds), Public-Private Partnerships in Nation Building, Deep & Deep Publications,New Delhi, July 2005.

Journal Publications
"Decentralisation and the Individual", Gandhi Marg, Vol.27, July-Sep., 2005.

Book Reviews

"Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Crosses the Line" by Sudhir Venkatesh, Asian Journal of Social Science, 38, 2010.

"Listening to Grasshoppers" by Arundhati Roy, Himal Southasian,Dec., 2009.

"Indian Models of Economics, Business and Management" by P Kanagasabapathi, Review of Professional Management, Jan-Jun, 2009.

"Dancing With the Giants" by Alan Winters and Shahid Yusuf, Vikalpa, Jan-Mar, 2009.

"Viruses vs Superbugs" by T Hausler, Wellcome History, Issue 39, Winter 2008.

"Honey Trails in the Blue Mountains" by Keystone Foundation, Manpower Journal, Oct-Dec., 2008.

"Frontier in Flames: North East India in Turmoil" by Jaideep Sakia, Seminar, November, 2008.

"How to be a bad birdwatcher" by Simon Barner, Newsletter for Birdwatchers, Sept-Oct, 2008.

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"Towards Water Wisdom" by Ramaswamy R Iyer, in Himal Southasian, 21 (1), January 2008.

"Reshaping the Future: Education and Postconflict Reconstruction" by World Bank, in Children, Youth and Environments (Univ. of Colorado), 17(4), 2007.

"Identity and Violence: Illusion of Destiny" by Amartya Sen in Seminar 578, October 2007.

"India's Politics: A View from the Backbench" by Bimal Jalan in Himal Southasian, 20 (10/11), Oct/Nov 2007.

"The Future of India" by Bimal Jalan, available at www.esocialsciences.com, August 2007.

"Development Discourse: Issues and Concerns" by T. K. Oommen, in Mainstream, Vol. XLV No.22, May 19, 2007.

"Intellectual Property Rights and Communications in Asia", edited by Pradip Ninan Thomas and Jan Servaes, in Vikalpa, 32(1), January-March, 2007.

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