Jansons School of Business

Reflections on JSB

Name                      :   Mr. K S Ramesh

Designation           :   Executive Director & CEO (Retd.)

Company Name   :   CavinKare Private Ltd., Chennai

I had a fascinating experience of highly committed students actively listening for over 90 minutes.  Their questions revealed their high level of inquisitiveness.  Very beautiful campus.  I wish you all the very best to develop yourselves into a World-Class institutions.

Name                      :   Mr. Manoharan K

Designation           :   CEO

Company Name   :   Aosta Software Technologies India Ltd., Coimbatore

Very well organized campus interview session.  JSB conducted the recruitment to our satisfaction.

Name                      :   Mr. T.M. Ramani

Designation           :   Retd. General Manager

Company Name   :   City Union Bank

Excellent courtesy.  The students behaved very well.  The have good communication skill and fluency.

Name                      :   Ms. Gouthami

Designation           :   Co-Founder and CEO

Company Name   :   Travel Another India, Chennai

Enjoyed the interaction with students.  Beautiful campus & great hospitality.  Thank you for inviting me.

Name                      :   Ms. LataRamaseshan

Designation           :   Head, Information Resource Centre

Company Name   :   R K Swamy / BBDO, Chennai

It was great interacting with a very bright set of smart first year students.  The campus has very good infrastructure facilities and excellent professors and staffs.  Here's Wishing the school the Very Best.

Name                      :   Mr. VijayaBaskar R J

Designation           :   Head - HR

Company Name   :   Hinduja Leyland Finance Ltd., Chennai

It was a wonderful hospitality & great organising done here.  We are happy to repeat this exercise in the future.  Keep it up!

Name                      :   Mr. Jacob Raj

Designation           :   Senior Manager - HR

Company Name   :   Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai

Very energetic team of faculty and interactive students.  Good campus.  Flawless organisation of event.

Name                      :   Mr. Ashok R Sankethi

Designation           :   Chief Executive Officer

Company Name   :   Kaybase, Chennai

Very smart and well-behaved students and very good campus.

Name                      :   Mr. Vijay Xavier

Designation           :   Vice President

Company Name   :   LOWE LINTAS, Chennai

Great Institution.  Young and vibrant students with a mind to learn.  Excellent infrastructure.  Enjoyable hospitality.

Name                      :   Mr. Christian Kellner

Designation           :   Assistant General Manager - Operations,

Company Name   :   Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

What a wonderful interaction with your students!  Also a very nice place and absolutely state-of-the-art.  Go ahead!

Name                      :   Prof. Shiva Kumar Srinivasan

Designation           :   Visiting Professor - Managerial Communications

Company Name   :   IIM Kozhikode

JSB makes an extremely positive impression, both in term of its architectural layout and in terms of the quality of human resource.

Name                      :   Mr. Pramod Sadarjoshi

Designation           :   Management Consultant & Executive Coach

Company Name   :   Mumbai

I am impressed by the outstanding professionalism and touched by the human values of this institute and its excellent people.  My Best Wishes!

Name                      :   Mr. Veera Sekharan Subbian

Designation           :   General Manager - Sales & Marketing

Company Name   :   Aosta Software Technologies India Ltd., Coimbatore

Good and Impressive.  Students are really good and performers too.  Nice and pleasant ambience.  Great hospitality!  Great future ahead!

Name                      :   Mr. V Suresh

Designation           :   Executive Vice President & National Head - Sales

Company Name   :   Naukri.com, Noida

Excellent Campus!  Good Environment! Quality of Students and Value is impeccable.

Name                      :   Mr. Madhu Janardan

Designation           :   Associate Vice-President

Company Name   :   Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Very energetic batch of students.  Excellent campus and very informative walk-through.  Kudos!

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