Curriculum Administration

The Regulations will come into force from the academic year 2007-2008.

The Programme :

MBA programme will consist of 17 Core subjects, 8 Elective subjects, 1 Project work, 1 Practical course, 2 Internal Practical courses. (vide curriculum structure enclosed) and 2 Comprehensive Viva-voce examinations. The Elective courses may be offered if at least 10 students from the 60 students in a class in any college choose those courses.

Duration :

Full Time MBA programme consists of 4 semesters in 2 Academic years.

Eligibility for admission :

A pass in any degree.

Attendance :

Students who have secured at least 75% of attendance in a semester or who have obtained condonation of shortage of attendance will be eligible to appear for the examination of that semester. Shortage of attendance up to 10 % may be condoned by the competent authority.

Course Continuation :

Students who have secured the required attendance, will be permitted to proceed the subsequent semester. Those who fail to secure the require attendance shall seek readmission into the same semester during the subsequent year.

Course Completion :

Full Time students shall complete the programme within a period not exceeding 5 years from the date of admission. Part Time students shall complete the programme within 6 years from the date of admission.

Continuous Internal Assessment :

The performance of students in each subject will be continuously assessed by the respective teachers as per the guidelines. The consolidated internal mark list should be sent to the University by the H.O.D. Concerned.

University Examination :

University Examination will be held at the end of the each semester for duration of 3 hours for each subject.

Passing Minimum :

There is no passing minimum for Internal Assessment component. The passing minimum for the University Examination is 50% (i.e. 38 out of 75 marks) and the over all passing minimum putting the sessional and university examination marks together will be 50% (i.e. 50 out of 100 marks).

Improvement of Internal Assessment performance :

The student can be permitted to improve the internal assessment performance in any subject by getting readmission into the course after completing the programme.

Classification :
Classification of marks will be as follows:

75% of marks and above - I class with DISTINCTION provided the student passes all the papers in First attempt
60% & above but below 75% - I class
50% & above but below 60% - II class

Award of Degree :

Students who successfully complete the programme within the stipulated period will be awarded the Degree of Master of Business Administration.

Rank Certificate :

Students who come within the first 10 ranks in the university examination will be issued Rank Certificate on application and on payment of fees. Rank Certificates will be issued to the students who pass all subjects in one attempt.

Summer Project :

Full Time students will do a Project work for 6 to 8 weeks at the end of the II semester. A report of the project work should be submitted to the Institute within two months after completing the project work. Thereafter, the students will appear for a Viva voce examination conducted by the faculty guides and an External Examiner. Viva voce examination will be conducted at the end of III semester. Students who fail in the Project work and viva voce examination, or who were absent for the Project viva voce examination or who fail to submit the Project Report before the due date will have to resubmit the Project Report and attend the viva voce examination during the subsequent semester. When a faculty guide is not present on the date of the Viva voce examination the Director will act as the examiner on behalf of the faculty guide. The two examiners will jointly evaluate the Project Report and the Viva voce. Marks will be awarded as follows

Internal Assessment: 25     External Assessments: 75

The elective courses may be offered if at least 10 students from the 60 students in a class in any college choose those courses.

Pattern of question paper: The Pattern will be as follows:


Time: 3 Hours Max Marks: 75

PART - A (5 X 6 = 30 Marks)

Answer all questions.
Each answer should not exceed 2 pages (250 words) (5 questions- 1 each from every unit)
1. a or b
2. a or b
3. a or b
4. a or b
5. a or b

PART – B (3 X 10 = 30 Marks)

Answer any three questions
Each answer should not exceed 4 pages. (500 words) (5 questions- 1 each from every unit)

PART – C (1 X 15 = 15 Marks)

11. Case let followed by questions/Application Oriented Problem.

Part A - Contains unit based equal choice questions.
Part B - Contains unit based restricted choice questions.
Part C - Contains no choice question. Pedagogy
  • The duration of each semester is 90 working days.
  • Each course will be taught for 4 hours a week including one hour tutorials.
  • Students will be actively involved in preparing seminar papers and presenting to the class in emerging areas of concerned subject.
  • Teacher will use overhead projectors, computers, and other advanced techniques for teaching.
  • Management Practices will be conducted strictly according to the guidelines given the syllabus.
  • Importance must be given to case analysis in teaching each course. Students will be motivated to collect case data and write cases.
  • Class room teaching will be supplemented by industrial visits and guest lecturers by practicing managers.
  • The Internal Assessment for each paper shall be by means of
    (a) Written Tests   (b) Assignments   (c) Seminars.
    Twenty five marks allotted for the internal assessment may be distributed for Written Test, Assignment and Seminars in the ratio of 15:5:5 respectively.

    Three tests of 2 hours duration may be conducted for each course/ subject and the best two marks may be considered. Students may be asked to submit at least two assignments in each. They should also present papers and participate in Seminars conducted for each subject. The marks may be allocated as follows:

    Tests : 15 marks
    Assignments or Mini Projects or Seminar or Class Participation or : 10 marks
    Quizes or Paper Presentation or Article Review.
    (The concerned faculty would choose appropriate parenthesis)
  • Students will be given two assignments for a total of 5 marks
  • There will be group seminars in each course for 5 marks to be assigned to individual Students.
  • Conduct of the internal assessment shall be the responsibility of the concerned faculty.
  • The Internal assessment marks are to be submitted to the University in the prescribed form to the Director and the Director will send a consolidated list of Internal assessment marks to the university.
  • The internal assessment marks obtained by students will be informed to them so that they will get proper feedback on their performance.
  • The valued answer papers/assignments should be given to the students after the valuation is over and they should be asked to check up and satisfy themselves about the marks they have scored.
  • All mark lists and other records connected with the continuous Internal Assessments should be in the safe custody of the Institute for atleast six months after the assessment.

  • Internal Assessment : Appeals for Grievances
  • If complaints or representations are received regarding the assessment in any written test or assessment, the Director shall call for the connected records and papers and if found necessary, after getting the marks from the faculty concerned, arrange for a fresh assessment of the particular test or assignment by the same/another faculty. If the student still feels not satisfied, he may represent his grievances to the University which shall constitute an Appeals Committee to look into the matter within 10 days from the date of result. Complaints or representations if any regarding internals must be submitted with in 15 days of the receipt of the marks.

  • Appeals Committee
    The Appeals committee, whenever necessary shall be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor. The Committee will consist of
    • Director, Bharathiar School of Management & Entrepreneur Development
    • An Expert from other affiliated colleges of University to be nominated by the University.

    The decision of the Vice-Chancellor on the findings of Appeals Committee shall be final.
  • The External Performance of students will be assessed by end semester examinations conducted by the University. The Answer paper of university examinations will be evaluated according to University rules by the Board of Examiners constituted by the competent authority.